Appetiser / Starter

Garlic Bread Sticks

pizza base topped with fresh garlic, herbs

Bruschetta (Pesto or Balsamic)

sliced ciabatta topped with tomato, onion, olive oil

Italian Seasoned Fries

seasoned with salt, oregano, pecorino, garlic

Tomato & Mozzarella

with a balsamic or pesto drizzle


marinated black and green olives with garlic

Herby Garlic Mushrooms

mushrooms stuffed with garlic, herbs, pecorino cheese and breadcrumbs

Pizza (all pizzas are topped with our signature tomato sauce)


basil, garlic, olive oil


mozzarella, basil


mozzarella, mixed peppers, onions, mushrooms

Sweet & Spicy

mozzarella, onions, honey, sriracha


mozzarella, olives, truffle oil

Hot Pepper

mozzarella, spicy sauce, mixed peppers, chilli

Make Your Own

mozzarella, plus 3 toppings

(All Pizzas can be made without cheese or a vegan alternative)


Penne or Fusilli

with your chosen sauce. (optional vegetables)

(sauce options- tangy tomato, spicy tomato or cheesy sauce)

Mac & Cheese

with extra cheesy sauce topped with crispy onions

Sweet Treats

Dessert Pizza

with either chocolate / biscoff / nutella, cinnamon sugar and orange zest

Key Lime Pie

homemade zesty lime cheesecake

Berries & Cream

with a hint of citrus, mint and topped with caramel sugar


Homemade Lemonade

made using freshly squeezed lemons

Lemon Iced Tea

freshly made

Soft Drinks

selection of popular flavoured drinks


still / sparkling

Menu may differ depending on venue, location and event

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